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  1. Ranunculus buchananii hybrid with Ranunculus sericophyllus

  2. I have just been out and about around Lake Wilson, Valley of the Trolls, North of the Routeburn Track and saw healthy numbers of Ranunculus buchananii, R. sericophyllus and what appeared to be hybrids of the two. The hybrid plant flowers varied in lemon colour and form.Some quite frilly and others with less petals. I have attached one photo of a plant in full flower and can show more of various flower shapes.
    My question here I correct in assuming this lemon flowering Ranunculus is a hybrid of the two as the plants were growing together ?
    As well does the lemon hybrid have its own name ? Have members of the NZPCN seen this plant out in the alpine areas ?

  3. I don't know the answer, but what an awesome plant!

  4. Hi Lynley,

    Like Astrid these two species I am yet to meet. It would appear your theory of there being a hybrid is quite likely as I managed to find this post on the web
    Sorry i can't be of anymore help =)... Awesome shot of the hybrid!!!!

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