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  1. Celmisia "rhizomatous"

  2. Hello,

    I've been coming across references (and herbarium specimens) of a Celmisia called Celmisia 'rhizomatous.' It seems to be collected mostly around North Westland e.g. Williams 1993 NZ J Bot, and looks similar to C. gracilenta/C. graminifolia/C. alpina.

    Does anyone know if it has been more formally described than "C. rhizomatous"? I suspect it's just part of the C. graminifolia complex that still needs untangling....


  3. hi Jane, this is an entity that has been recognised for a long time (since the 1950's I think) and there are several variants of it in different parts of the country. The taxonomy of C. gracilenta and C. graminifolia is confusing and there are many tag named species (some more distinctive than others). There are a group of people with an interest in Celmisia, but I do not know if they will resolve these taxonomic issues

  4. Thanks Mike!

  5. Celmisia "rhizomatous" has nothing to do with C. graminifolia Hook.f. which I believe is the correct name for the plant we still call. C. adamsii var. rugulosa Cheeseman (see de Lange & Rolfe 2010, NZPCN Checklist). Celmisia "rhizomatous" may already have a name - but to avoid confusion I am not giving my thoughts on that here. I think it best to refer it to the C. gracilenta agg. unless you are happy proliferating tag names

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