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  1. Pimelea ignota

  2. Some more info on this elusive species;
    It flowers in November
    fruit are ripe in January
    only 5 individuals are known to exist
    the oldest one has just died at age 30 years at least
    one seed has been germinated, but damped off
    two cuttings (of three) are still alive after 6 months
    how precarious is that!

  3. Good work Simon

    Keep those seeds and cuttings coming on
    Geoff Davidson

  4. Hi Simon

    It will be interesting to see what you get by the way of variation in those seedlings and if any survive it is very important that a chromosome count is undertaken. I remain rather unconvinced to date about the distinctiveness of this species, which based on Burrow's paper seems to be a hybrid rather than a species so your work with it will help resolve that particular issue. The fact you got seedlings is promising as many Pimelea hybrids (but not all) are sterile.


    Peter de Lange

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