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  1. Dactylanthus taylorii

  2. What is the correct spelling - do we follow the flora and "Oxford Book of Plants" by Lucy Moore, who did her Master's thesis on it, and spell taylori with one "i", or NZPCN, where it is spelled with two, "taylorii"? Maureen Young

  3. Hi Maureen

    The answer is encapsulated in the wonders of the ICBN which made the ruling some years ago now that any male epithet ending in "or" was now to be spelled "orii" not "ori". So Moore's (and others spelling of) taylori is correct for its time but now it must be spelled "taylorii". I could say and want to say more on the subject but there is no space allocated for that in this forum area - so I have emailed you about it.
    Hope that helps
    Peter J. de Lange

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