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  1. Isotoma fluviatilis

  2. I hear that this is now an Australian species and not a native.Is this true?Its become quite rampant in my garden smothering my Leptinella's and Acaena's so i have started pulling it out.Thanks for any assistance.
    Cheers John.

  3. Im answering my own question here as a bit of research reveals that it is an Aussie species.Oh well!

  4. Hi John

    Not quite sure you have. Its worth noting that New Zealand never had Isotoma fluviatilis and that nurseries have been selling the Australian plant (under the guise of it being the native one) for years. The New Zealand plant that had been called Isotoma fluviatilis looks nothing even remotely like the Australian plant and of course is now known as Lobelia fatiscens. Unlike the Australian species it is fickle and hard to keep for long in cultivation.



  5. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the info.I definently have the Isotoma growing and i have started pulling it out because everything in my garden is a NZ native.I'll probably replace it with Lobelia Linnaeoides.
    Cheers John.

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