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  1. Cinnamomum camphora

  2. Does anybody know of localities where camphor laurel seedlings grow in the wild? I need them for a study.

  3. Hi Christine

    Tauranga - in the suburb of Maungatapu is where I have seen the most seedlings. They occurred in gutters, roadside verges and people's gardens in December 2008. I collected quite a few as voucher specimens. I have collected occasional seedlings at Waikumete Cemetery and at Puhoi in the last ten years or so.

    Hope that helps



  4. Does anyone have a theory as to why camphor laurel are not seeding everywhere, like privet, in Auckland. There are certainly quite a few sexually mature trees in Auckland. I have seen camphor sucker, I believe. Could this be confusing the seeding issue? Is it a vector issue?

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