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  1. Vulnerablility of Korthalsella salicornioides to spray drift

  2. Korthalsella salicornioides is located in low modified manuka scrubland on the eastern Coromandel Peninsula. Pampus is infesting the open areas and the covenators(private property) are obliged to control it.
    Any suggestions on how best to chemically control the pampus without destroying/threatening the mistletoe?


    Patrick Stewart

  3. A grass specific herbicide like 'Gallant' should do the trick without affecting the manuka or mistletoe. There's a DOC report called 'Aerial spraying of pampas grass in difficult conservation sites '- Science for Conservation 218 that describes some work in Northland that might be useful. They recorded no effect on native species adjacent to the pampas clumps they were treating.


  4. I've sprayed Marram Grass down at the Petone Beach dunes with Gallant. Use the highest rate (stated on label) as suggested for pampas and ensure you use an adjuvicant (Organosilicone or similar) to aid penetration. Without the adjuvicant, it can take upto 9 mths to die.

  5. Jill and John are correct in suggesting Gallant (Haloxyfop). However, there is a generic Haloxyfop herbicide available called Ignite. Ignite costs less and is as efficaceous as Gallant on grasses. I have used Haloxyfop successfully for 10 years now on all grass weeds among native trees. For Pampas I recommend Ignite (or Gallant) at 2% with the essential addition of Driftex (spraying oil) at 1%. The Pampas takes 2 to 3 months to die and some follow-up spraying will be needed (but no more than when using Glyphosate). Regards, Steve Cook.

  6. Thanks all - my main concern is damaging the korthalsella while treating the monocot (incl. use of penatrants).

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