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  1. Coriaria lurida complex and Lachnagrostis semiglabra

  2. Hi does anyone have idea if either of these plants have had a name change as I can not find them in the plant conservation network. Both species were found in the Macraes ED.


  3. Hi

    Lachnagrostis semiglabra as a name is referred to L. lyallii by Edgar (1995) which is present at Macraes E.D.

    Coriaria lurida is harder to work with as elements of that name have been referred to C. pteriodoides, C. plumosa and C. kingiana by W. R. B. Oliver in 1942 (see reference). At Macraes the name will almost certainly refer to C. plumosa.


    Peter J. de Lange


    Edgar, E. 1995: New Zealand species of Deyeuxia P.Beauv. and Lachnagrostis Trin. (Graminieae: Aveneae). New Zealand Journal of Botany 33: 1-33.

    Oliver, W.R.B. 1942: The genus Coriaria in New Zealand. Records of the Dominion Museum, Wellington 1: 21-43.

  4. Hi Again

    I have checked the website - Lachnagrostis "semiglabra" is not listed because it is a nomen nudum but the plant you refer to is listed by the NZPCN under two subspecific nomials - Deyeuxia forsteri var. semiglabra Hack. (comb. & epithet illeg. - which is an invalid name available in the literature) and Lachnagrostis filiformis var. semiglabra (Hack.) Zotov. I am not sure why a search using the epithet "semiglabra" did not work though.

    I also checked Coriaria - and for these the epithet "lurida" is not listed partly because Fact Sheets for C. angustissima, C. kingiana C. pteridoides, and C. plumosa have yet to be done.

    Coriaria are badly treated in the current New Zealand Flora (Allan 1961) and they will require considerable work to pull together and present as a useful series of fact sheets. In the interim I will add to the species synonymy the names available for C. lurida.


    Peter J. de Lange

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