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  1. Hand lenses

  2. Hello,
    Does any one know where I'am able to purchase good quaily hand lenses for plant idenfication etc


  3. Hi Kirsty

    A company in New Zealand, Trig Instruments ( ), sells pocket magnifiers, which are great for botanical work. A friend and I both use their 10x pocket magnifier in the field.

    For a greater range of options I suggest you try eBay (it's free to join). Searching under Loupe you will find both pocket magnifiers and hand held magifying lenses. Very cheap, but ask questions before buying.

    Good luck.

    Bill Campbell

  4. Auckland University Bookshop. Ask for a geologist's 10x lens

    Maureen Young

  5. If you live in Christchurch ther is a company called Blaxall Optics in Woolston. they haven't fallen into the river yet and they have picked up all of their stock.

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