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  1. Pittosporum kirkii

  2. Hi,
    I'am currently starting my Msc at Waikato University on the rare epiphytic shrub, P. kirkii.

    Is anyone able to inform me of exact locations (or there abouts) where specimens are growing in the wild, particularly in the coromandel and south of taupo.

    I have been informed about the theory regarding Pittosporum kirkii on parts of the Volcanic Plateau where there is a trace element deficiency (Cobalt and Selenium), which benefits P. kirikii as less wild animals are present. Have you heard of this theory or others similar?

    I look forward to reading your comments

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Kirsty

    As I already advised you yesterday it would be a good idea to contact DOC Botanists especially Andrew Townsend, David Havell, Nick Singers and Paul Cashmore - they will have locations. Within a forum such as this it is perhaps not a good idea to solicit details of threatened plant locations. There are some twits out there who will use that data to collect plants.

    Good luck with your study

    Peter J. de Lange

  4. Hi everyone,

    If anyone has insightful information about P. kirkii that would be great... Especially information on flowering - have you seen specimens flower every year or only every other year? Have you seen nectar feeding birds / insects near the flowers? Browsing damage?

    Thanks for your help,

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