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  1. Gladiolus dalenii/ G. natalensis

  2. From keen gardeners I've learnt the name G. natalensis for the WINTER flowering gladiolus with60 cm stems and scarlet (orange) flowers and forward-pointing petals. Bill Sykes gave us the name G. dalenii van Geel hybrid for a SUMMER flowering one with wide spread petals (typical gardeners' 'gladdie'). How can the names be synonymous?

  3. Hi Colin

    I don't do the naturalised plant fact sheets but as I understand it the Gladiolus names given there came from Landcare Research's Plant Names Database Nga Tipu o Aotearoa which still states (accessed 15 September 2011) that Gladiolus natalensis is a nom. illeg. As that database relies on Bill Sykes's input I suggest you ask this question of him or them and then let the NZPCN know the answer.



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