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  1. Request from Canterbury Bot Soc for a copy, and permission to reproduce, an image of Geum cockaynei.

  2. I'm the voluntary ed of the Canterbury Bot Soc Journal, and currently preparing to publish in the Journal the proceedings of the Leonard Cockayne seminar held a few years back: authors Brian Molloy, Sue Scheele, Matt McGlone, Dave Kelly, Trevor Partridge and others. The article by Trevor talks of Cockayne's legacy, including plants named for him like Geum cockaynei. Would be great to have a hi res image of this plant (or any other cockayn... species) that will show the plant to good advantage if poss. Can do? Let me know a suitable credit to NZPCN if it can be done. Thanks

  3. Hi John, Great story. I have photos of about 6 cockayn_ species. I'll email small size and see what you think.

  4. Will need your email tho

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