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  1. Passiflora tetrandra seeds

  2. As a member of Passiflora Society International I was glad to see from the NZPCN entry for Passiflora tetrandra that in NZ it is not threatened.
    But overseas it is quite rare. I am lucky enough to have two plants in the UK, but both are male.
    Can anyone supply me with a fruit or 2 or a few seeds so I can try to generate a female from which I can then breed further distinct plants and not just clones.
    If a few extra are available I could add them to the PSI seed bank for dissemination to our members and hopefully ensure the conservation of the species outside New Zealand. Oratia and Motukarar could not help

  3. Just checking Robert you state "but overseas it is quite rare" I assume you mean in cultivation because this is supposed to be a New Zealand endemic. I am not surprised Oratia couldn't help - as that nursery has closed down. Motukarara will not stock it because it is not common in that part of New Zealand (southern limit) and they tend to deal with threatened species and local restoration plantings.

    As this species is very common I am sure someone will be able to get you seed. Perhaps put a notice in the NZPCN Newsletter 'Trilepidea' with your request and an address etc? The problem I find with getting seed is that rats love to eat the fruits, so it's a battle to get the ripe fruit before they do.

  4. Hi Robert, With notice I could supply seed for you. It is not a species that anyone is likely to have in stock as it take a while to establish and not particularly marketable. If you want some seed I could keep an eye out for next season, I do not stock it, only collect when when required...

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