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  1. Plant ID help please

  2. Hi, I saw this bush along the south coast of wellington yesterday. It has velvety undersides as well as abit on the top of the leaves. Fruits are red. My first impression is a Metrosideros? But I am thinking not. Many thanks in advance!

  3. It's a Pittosporum in flower. I think P. ralphii but P. crassifolium, which occurs naturally further north will also be in the area as it is a popular coastal hedge plant and is quite invasive.

  4. Thanks Mike. I had a good look at your suggestions and compared them with other photos that I have and I can quite certainly confirm it to be Pittosporum crassifolium.
    Thank you once again

  5. Pittosporum crassifolium - without any doubt. This is a very common naturalized species around Wellington.

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