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  1. Weymouthia moss

  2. I'm curious to the scientific name of Weymouthia moss - of which I've come across in an old article (1960's) of the vegetation of Mt Taranaki. I'm unable to find any other reference to it.

  3. That's not easy to answer on the scant information provided! The name as used in that "old article" could refer to W. cochlearifolia OR (more likely for that part of New Zealand) W. mollis. The name may even have been used in error for a species of Papillaria such as P. crocea - as people frequently confuse these unrelated moss genera, or even the liverwort Lepicolea attenuata. Why not ask your M.Sc. supervisor Bruce Clarkson as he did his Phd on Taranaki ages back - he'd be most likely to know.....?


    Peter J. de Lange

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