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  1. Arthropodium candidum plant wanted for DNA study

  2. I am interested in obtaining fertile specimens and silica material of Arthropodium candidum for research being carried out by the Australian Tropical Herbarium ATH(Cairns) into the Laxmanniaceae. Ideally, the
    exact specimen the leaf tissue was taken from would be labelled by the collector and the leaf tissue put in a tea bag and then placed into a zip lock bag with silica gel. the specimen will be retained at ATH so
    should have collector and location details, date, geocode etc and should be sent to Auckland herbarium, probably via your nearest herbarium.

    If you require teabags and silica gel or have any questions please contact me at

    thanks very much

    Cameron Kilgour

  3. Just to make it very clear - I lodged the original missive on behalf of my colleague Cameron Kilgour.


    Peter J. de Lange

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