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  1. Help! to identify Clematis

  2. Found one which is pure white, large with 6 floppy petals found in primary predom beech forest (nr Ureweras)

  3. Hi Meg

    puawhanga (Clematis paniculata) - but rather late flowering for it. From your image I suspect it was a male plant.


    Peter J. de Lange

  4. Its beautiful!

  5. Thanks Peter, from its size I was confused and couldn't think it was paniculata. Late flowering probably because 850m altitude? Other clematis there were also flowering

  6. Hi Meg

    Were you on the Ngamoko Ridgeline? When I worked at Te Urewera in 1985 I recollect last (December) flowering of puawhanga up there and also on the ridgeline between Manuoha and Kaipo.



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