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  1. Pittosporum rigidum

  2. great entry, but is there a reference for the synonymy of P. crassicaule - Landcare Research are still showing these as separate species:

    Thanks, Tom

  3. Landcare show many, many things - but that does not necessarily mean they are right or we are right. In this case I favour the unpublished work of the late A.P. Druce which is published in Eagle's books. I see no different between Pittosporum crassicaule and P. rigidum - they form a cline. You are correct that this needs to be published but I prefer not to tread on toes and I was of the opinion that Chrissen Gemmill was our Pittosporum expert so I have been waiting for her revision to come out. Perhaps you could try asking her about this.

  4. I might add that Landcare also has issues with it's own decisions by its own staff within it's own systems - for example Bromus arenarius is treated as indigenous by the New Zealand Plant Names Database (correct) but the Landcare key to New Zealand Grasses treats it as Naturalized (incorrect). In effect what I am saying here Tom is that you need to make up your own mind on such matters.

  5. Many thanks Peter :)

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