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  1. Isotoma fluviatilis - what entity is the blue groundcover commonly sold as such ?

  2. I am aware that this question has been asked before on the members' forum, but that has now expired. We now know that Lobelia fatiscens is the entity previously described as the native 'Isotoma fluviatilis'.

    However, it would be useful to know the actual name of the entity that is being sold by some nurseries as Isotoma fluviatilis, as Isotoma fluviatilis is not listed as an exotic species on the website. Is it a form of Lobelia pedunculata or somthing else ? If people know exactly what it is, they can be discouraged from cultivating the exotic plant, when thinking they are buying a native.

  3. It's an Australian species - though whether it is the true Isotoma fluviatilis (which is also now known as Lobelia fluviatilis) I cannot now remember ( it is some 15 years since I last looked into that particular issue, and as I didn't publish on that and left it to others you'd need to ask them). What is important is that people stop planting it, and/or selling it as a indigenous plant because its not.

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