NZ Threatened Indigenous Vascular Plant Relisting - Call For Submissions

The last threat listing of New Zealand Indigenous Vascular Plants (de Lange et al. 2009) is now due for revision, and a call for submissions has now been made. The New Zealand Indigenous Vascular Plant Panel will convene in late April or early May 2012 on the Lincoln campus of Landcare Research to undertake this task. 

The panel seeks contributions from the botanical community to assist with this process. Panel members encourage those of you who have an interest in the threat status of our vascular flora to prepare submissions (see form below):

Sumission forms:

Forms may also be completed on-line at However, handwritten or emailed submissions outlining the candidate taxa and providing supporting comments and data are also acceptable. These may be mailed or emailed to any of the panel members (see below).

Submissions may include support for existing threat listings, suggested changes to these or proposals for new taxa that may not yet have been listed by the panel. Submissions for informally recognised plant entities may also be provided. This is on the understanding that any such entity proposed is supported by an accessible herbarium voucher specimen lodged within an officially recognised herbarium (see Holmgren et al. 1990), which, for New Zealand, includes the following herbaria: AK, CANU, CHR, LINC, MPN , NZFRI, OTA, WAIK, WELT, WELTU. We strongly encourage botanists to be part of this process.

Not that submissions will NOT be accepted after 10 April 2012.

The 2012 New Zealand Indigenous Vascular Plant Panel

Chair: Peter J. de Lange ( or
Facilitator: Rod Hitchmough (

Panel (North to South)
Ewen Cameron – Auckland Museum Herbarium (
Jeremy Rolfe – Wellington/Hawke’s Bay Conservancy, Department of Conservation (
Shannel Courtney – Nelson/Marlborough Conservancy, Department of Conservation (
David Norton – School of Forestry, University of Canterbury (
Peter Heenan – Allan Herbarium, Landcare Research (
John Barkla – Otago Conservancy, Department of Conservation (

P.J. de Lange, Ecosystems & Species Unit, C/o Auckland Conservancy, Department of Conservation, Private Bag 68908, Newton, Auckland (

de Lange, P.J.; Norton, D.A.; Courtney, S.P.; Heenan, P.B.; Barkla, J.W.; Cameron, E.K.; Hitchmough, R.; Townsend, A.J. 2009: Threatened and uncommon plants of New Zealand (2008 revision). New Zealand Journal of Botany 47: 61–96.

Holmgren, P.K.; Holmgren, N.L.; Barnett, L.C. 1990: Index Herbariorum Part I: The herbaria of the world (8th ed.). Regnum Vegetabile, New York Botanical Gardens, New York.