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Please note: Due to collection risk, the coordinates for all threatened plant and native orchid records have been blurred. Please contact the Network if you need the original information for a conservation purpose (info@nzpcn.org.nz)

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The data used for this mapping system has come from a wide range of sources and is of varying quality, approximate accuracy and age of data is shown here:

- Plant lists (85% accurate, data from 1870 onwards)
- Phenology records (95% accurate, data from 2010 onwards)
- DOC Plant data (90% accurate, data from 1870 onwards)
- National Vegetation Survey (95% accurate, data from 1945 onwards)

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When using data from this website please acknowledge the Plant Conservation Network and the original data sources. All users of NVS data sourced from the NZPCN website must provide a clear acknowledgement of NVS as a data source in any products (e.g. publications, unpublished reports) in the following manner: We <or User/Institution name> acknowledge the use of species occurrence data <or other information> drawn from the National Vegetation Survey Database (NVS).

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This database has plant lists for more than 1.4 million sites in NZ. There are two ways to search for this site data:
  1. 1. Select a district and enter a site name below;
  2. 2. Place your cursor over your area of interest on the map below and right click to view site data. If using an Apple computer hold down the ctrl key before you click your mouse button.

Then click on the points to view and download plant lists.
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