Planting for lizards

Green gecko. Photo: Bryan Welch.

Encouraging lizards into your garden requires a basic understanding of their needs and their behaviour. Patient is also required as attracting them back to you garden may take some time. Learn about the species that live in your district and the habitats they prefer and then work to create those habitats. You may find that the less gardening you do the more lizards you see since lizards love untidy gardens. Lizards do not use mown lawns, open paths and nicely weeded open flower beds. Many lizards are territorial so ensure enough habitats are created for more than one animal. 

Lizards need cover when hunting, feeding and resting and they need protection from predators and extremes of heat and cold. That means you must create crevices and cover using natural objects or non-toxic materials such as old building materials or concrete. For more information about planting for lizards:


This page last updated on 21 May 2014