Key to parasitic plant genera

Key to Genera of New Zealand Parasitic Plants

Taken with permisison and adapted from Plant pirates - some NZ parasitic plants by Miriam A. Aiken, Tuatara: Volume 6, Issue 3, December 1957.

Question 1

Holoparasites, devoid of chlorophyll or nearly so, brownish root parasites or yellow leafless twining stems.

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Hemiparasites, possessing some chlorophyll, twiggy shrubs with green leaves or jointed succulent stems; or green-yellow twining stems. 

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Question 2

Parasitic on shoots, plant body a yellow, leafless twining stem. 

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Parasitic on roots, plant body not twining. 

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Question 3

Plant body erect, a purplish-brown succulent aerial stem with sessile flowers; attachment to host subterranean by haustorium. 

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Plant body a spherical brown warty subterranean rhizome, giving off brown scale-covered inflorescences which project above ground, attachment region causing modification to host root. 

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Question 4

Plant body wiry, filiform, twining, pale green-yellow. 

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Plant body bearing green leaves or having succulent stems. 

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Question 5

Attachment to host at one point only, main root forming a single haustorium. 

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Attachment to host at many points, branching lateral root forming many sucker contacts. 

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Question 6

Plant leafless, but having green jointed succulent stems, either flattened or rounded.

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Plant with thin green leaves, a twiggy shrub, flowers usually unisexual.

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Question 7

Leaves large, 1-1 ½-3 in. long, flowers minute, greenish, ovary 1-celled.

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Leaves usually smaller, 1 ½-3 in. long, flowers brightly coloured, ovary 2 or more celled. 

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