Associates of Korthalsella

Associates of NZ's pygmy (Korthalsella) mistletoes

All three species of New Zealand's Pygmy mistletoes are hosts to host specific gall mite Aceria kolleri, and are hosts for two undescribed fungi in the genera Rosenscheldiella and Guignardia. 

Three scale insect species specific to these mistletoes, Eriococcus korthalsellae, Leucaspis albotecta and L. trilobata have recently been described. Eriococcus korthalsellae was recorded on all three species, Leucaspis albotecta on K. salicornioides and L. trilobata on K. clavata and K. lindsayi.

Given the patchiness and occurrence of pygmy mistletoes in fragmented populations, these fungi and invertebrates are also presumably quite rare. Some sphecid wasps, small bees and dipterous flies are also attracted to the tiny nectar droplets of K. salicornioides flowers.

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Henderson RC, Sultan A, Robertson AW. 2010. Scale insect fauna (Hemiptera:Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea) of New Zealand’s pygmy mistletoes(Korthalsella: Viscaceae) with description of three new species: Leucaspis albotecta, L. trilobata (Diaspididae) and Eriococcus korthalsellae (Eriococcidae). Zootaxa 2644: 1–24.

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