Dispersal of Korthalsella

Dispersal biology of Korthalsella

There are some reports of explosive seed dispersal in Korthalsella (Dawson, 1986; Herbst, 1980; Ohwi, 1965; Sahni, 1933). Stevenson (1934) also indicated the weakly explosive nature of fruits: "swelling of mucilaginous tissue develops weak internal pressure, thus the seed forced out through the ruptured tip of the fruit, falls nearby, often infecting the mother plant". The occurrence of Korthalsella on remote oceanic islands is indicative of a putative bird mediated dispersal whereby sticky seeds adhered to plumage of migratory birds perching on trees infected with mistletoes (Burrows 1996; Carlquist 1967 and Barlow 2008).  For more information about dispersal of Korthalsellasee*: 
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