David Given Threatened plant Scholarship

The David Given Threatened Plant Research Scholarship was launched in 2008. The purpose of the scholarships is to fund research into the conservation, protection and recovery of New Zealand’s threatened plant species and communities. Scholarship (maximum $5000) will be granted by the Network every few years for research that assists the protection and recovery of New Zealand's threatened plant species and communities.

Applicants must be New Zealand residents or citizens but the work could involve overseas researches who collaborate with the principal researcher. Threatened species and communities can be either nationally or regionally threatened. Plant species include vascular plants, ferns, fungi, and cryptograms

Applications for 2011 now closed

Applications have now closed for the 2011 scholarship.

Recipient for 2011

The recipient of the David Given threatened plant scholarship in 2011 was awarded to Master of Science student Esther Dale from Auckland University.  Her research explores the relationship between Cook's scurvy grass (Lepidium oleraceum) and seabird disturbance, guano fertilisation and seed dispersal.

Inaugural recipients - 2009

The first recipients of this award in 2009 were Dr Peter Heenan and Dr Rob Smissen, Landcare Research New Zealand Limited, PO Box 40, Lincoln 7640.

The approved research topic is "Conservation genetics and taxonomy of Convolvulus "glabrous" on the Awahokomo limestone outcrop, North Otago".

The proposed research is "To determine the taxonomic status of a morphologically distinct convolvulus, apparently confined to a small area of the Awahokomo limestone outcrop in North Otago.  Genotypes of all species of native Convolvulus will be compared with Convolvulus "glabrous" using AFLP fingerprinting to determine genetic relationships and variation".

For more infromation contact the Network at info@nzpcn.org.nz

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