Luzula celata


Luzula: Latinized form of the Italian vernacular name (lucciola) for this plant
celata: hidden

Common Name(s)

dwarf woodrush

Current Conservation Status

2012 - At Risk - Declining

Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants, 2012
The conservation status of all known New Zealand vascular plant taxa at the rank of species and below were reassessed in 2012 using the New Zealand Threat Classification System (NZTCS). This report includes a statistical summary and brief notes on changes since 2009 and replaces all previous NZTCS lists for vascular plants. Authors: Peter J. de Lange, Jeremy R. Rolfe, Paul D. Champion, Shannel P. Courtney, Peter B. Heenan, John W. Barkla, Ewen K. Cameron, David A. Norton and Rodney A. Hitchmough. File size: 792KB

Previous Conservation Status

2009 - At Risk - Declining
2004 - Serious Decline


2012 - RR


Luzula celata Edgar



Flora Category

Vascular - Native

NVS Species Code


The National Vegetation Survey (NVS) Databank is a physical archive and electronic databank containing records of over 94,000 vegetation survey plots - including data from over 19,000 permanent plots. NVS maintains a standard set of species code abbreviations that correspond to standard scientific plant names from the Ngä Tipu o Aotearoa - New Zealand Plants database.

Structural Class

Rushes and Allied Plants




Endemic. South and Stewart Islands. In the South Island found east of the main divide from Marlborough to Southland.


Coastal to montane. Usually in shingly ground, sandy hollows, river terraces, tarn margins, often found growing within Raoulia mats.


An inconspicuous, creeping woodrush, forming grey-green to brownish cushion-like tufts, usually less than 4cm diameter. Sometime half buried in sand, so that only leaf tips and flowers are visible. Leaves 1-3cm long, 0.5-1mm wide, folded inwards towards base, tips pointed; margins clad in long, thickly clustered, soft white hairs. Flowering stems much shorter than leaves, scarcely elongating as fruit matures. Flowers 2mm long, 6-16 in a single cluster, with minimal stalk.

Similar Taxa

Luzula ulophylla. Luzula celata has hairy leaf margins and flower hidden amongst leaves. L. ulophylla has woolly hairs on back of leaves as well as margins and flowering stems much taller than its leaves.


October to December

Flower Colours



December to April (but seedheads long persistent)

Propagation Technique

Easily grown from fresh seed and division of whole plants.


The main threat throughout this species range is loss of habitat, caused by land development, weed invasion and general habitat degredation, especially erosion. Overstocking of paddocks containing this species has been a problem in some locations.

Chromosome No.

2n = 12

Endemic Taxon


Endemic Genus


Endemic Family


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Fact Sheet by P.J. de Lange (1 September 2003). Description based on Moore & Edgar (1970).

References and further reading

Moore, L.B.; Edgar, E. 1970: Flora of New Zealand. Vol. II, Wellington, Government Printer.

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