This plant list has been compiled by the stated observer(s) and been provided to NZPCN for public use in good faith. NZPCN cannot guarantee that data contained in these lists are up to date or accurate. Most species lists are not corroborated with herbarium specimens. Note, species lists are not typically an exhaustive presence/absence survey of an area and often may focus on a single habitat or only contain species visible at a particular time of year (for example, spring annual herbs may go unobserved during much of the year). These lists should not be solely relied on for the purpose of assessing environmental effects or for preparing restoration plans - for this work a site visit is critical.

Site name: Scinde Is (Hospital Hill) ferns 1880 (Q969)

List name: TNZI 13:370

Source/Observer: TNZI 13:370 W Colenso

Number of observations: 13

District: Napier City

SpeciesStructural classConservation statusNative/Exotic
Adiantum cunninghamii
(common maidenhair, Cunningham's maidenhair)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Adiantum hispidulum
(rosy maidenhair)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Anogramma leptophylla
(Jersey fern, annual fern)
FernsThreatened – Nationally VulnerableNative
Asplenium flabellifolium
(butterfly fern, walking fern, necklace fern)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Botrychium biforme
(fine-leaved parsley fern)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Cheilanthes distans
(woolly cloak fern, woolly rock fern)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Doodia australis
(rasp fern)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Parablechnum novae-zelandiae
(kiokio, horokio, palm leaf fern)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Polystichum neozelandicum subsp. zerophyllum
(shield fern)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Pteridium esculentum
(bracken, rarauhe, bracken fern)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Pteris tremula
(shaking brake, tender brake, Australian bracken)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Sphaeropteris medullaris
(mamaku, black tree fern)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative
Zealandia pustulata subsp. pustulata
(hound's tongue, kōwaowao, pāraharaha)
FernsNot ThreatenedNative